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Dec 3, 2021

"The lessons learned are holographic: That the thing you're learning about this seemingly tiny situation right now actually pertains to every aspect of your life, if you use it. So how does that impact the world? I believe I'm making the world a better place one conversation at a time."


Nov 9, 2021

“Listening deeply to someone really is about the whole darn person. It's about the whole thing. And if we are not connected to ourselves, and what we're choosing, holistically, it becomes very, very difficult to listen to it in other people.”

Lisa Pachence

Jul 28, 2021

"I always use English in professional life and in coaching. Yet it's not my native language. And there is a silver lining to it. When I'm mentor coaching this is what I share with those who are not coaching in their first language. 'You don't know how lucky you are.' And they pause because they criticize themselves....

Jul 27, 2021

"Every night, after every session, when I sit back and look into what has happened overall in the collective consciousness as a result of this conversation that we just had, if I can take one or two words with me to my dreams, that gives me peace."


Jul 19, 2021

"More than my being professional, what matters actually to me is my being humane. The way I defined myself as a coach itself changed. And if I could not be open to that, I would have been in a serious conflict and in constant internal tension, to just allow myself to accept in the moment that this is how the world is...