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Feb 17, 2022

"My role is to just be present. And partner. And then be absent in the space of ego. And just keep doing that work for years. That's what I call the purpose of empowering people's life."

Dr. Paras

Feb 15, 2022

"I am a highly sensitive woman who sees the good in almost everyone and who wants to make a difference in the world. I realize that the only way I can make a difference is to love the people around me."


Feb 11, 2022

"I still use what I have learned to be curious with people. But now I don't assume I know. I don't assume I'm right. I assume instead that I have an opportunity to ask a question. The client is at choice to determine what to do with the question."


Feb 10, 2022

"I want to be the one who is able to support others to become better versions of themselves. So that's why I use the metaphor of a sherpa. I don't want to be in that spotlight. But I want to make people to be in the spotlight."

Heru Yuwono...

Feb 2, 2022

"That was the reason that I started on my own personal journey: to find that thing that was missing, that made me feel unhappy about my life. And I really feel a level of true, soul-filling joy about my life and who I am these days, so much self-acceptance and peace about who I am, how I commit my time, who and what I...