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Jan 12, 2022

"I often say, 'This flag is standing up and we each have our hands on it. And we're gonna hold this thing. You tell me this is what you want. We're holding it. And when you let go of it — because you say you're tired or don't necessarily want it or you can't do it — I'll be standing here with this flag until you pry...

Jan 6, 2022

"It's almost a physical stance. When I'm team coaching, I am very much more aware of my posture. And I'm aware of my breathing. And it's open body language, wide-angled empathy, listening to all the voices, and even those voices that are not in the room. And as a coach, even if we know the answers or want to fix,...

Jan 5, 2022

"When a client trusts us as coaches and asks for coaching and steps into that coaching process, the client is telling you, 'I trust you. I am completely open for you. I want you to be my thinking partner. And I feel safe.'"

— Johan van Bavel