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Sep 29, 2023

"I learned resilience. I learned unconditional love that I could give. I learned the ability to be persistent and forgive from really difficult situations."

— Ellen Fulton

Sep 19, 2023

"Coaching is not simply something that we do, but it is something who we are. The practice of being fully there cannot be only achieved when we are in front of our clients. It has to be a practice that we do and that we are committed to on a daily basis."

— Elias...

Sep 7, 2023

"Yes, we bring our 'coach selves' wherever we go: We're inherently more curious and better listeners, and we know how to ask good questions. But people don't realize that when you are in a formal coaching session it is a totally different, sacred dynamic. So when I've had people come sit in on my class that have known...