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Jun 22, 2021

"I believe that we have a responsibility to leave every situation, every organization, every person better than we found. And the wonderful thing about coaching is that I get to grow along in the process. And it's just a gift."


Jun 22, 2021

"We're talking about a particular skill set, and I'm saying something in Farsi, and then somebody comes up and quotes a poem right off the bat that actually links with what we're talking about. And it's not just once, it's every time. The big thing is I'm in awe of them."


Jun 15, 2021

"You create most growth when you act as a DJ. If you're a DJ and you have an audience and not a lot of energy in the room — people are a bit bored — if you start your really high-energy tune you will not get them to move, because they will just find it disturbing. You need to pick up the people at the pace where...

Jun 11, 2021

"This is also the promise I made to myself, to my clients each day: I will be the best coach I can be. And that means today I might be more effective than tomorrow or the other way around. But I'll make sure that I'll show up as the best I can be. That's the obligation I hold to my clients."


Jun 10, 2021

"To recognize and appreciate and be compassionate about myself is what will enable me to connect and resonate in relationships."

André Ribeiro, Human Metta Model